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Name : Charlotte Harbo & family 
Comment : Dear Signor Gianni Just wanted to send you a hello and thank you for your hospitality during our stay early August.We were so glad to live in your grand bohemian-stylish and very personal appartment, and it was the perfect spot for a Venetian experience of a life time, and the kids loved it more than I had dared hope for. All the best to you Yours,  
Name : Mr et Mme Tabanous  
Comment : Bonjour mr et mme dei Rossi Nous avons eu le grand plaisir de sejourner dans votre appartement pour la fete du REDENTORE cette année.Comme nous vous l'avions laissé entendre nous revenons l'année prochaine pour le REDENTORE.Nous serons avec des amis.Il nous faudra 2 appartements du 12/07/2007 au 21/12/2007.Nous reservons deja -celui que nous avions(en bleu sur le plan) 1179 corte ca'marcello- soit leN° 4 (en jaune sur le plan) soit (s'il est reparé!) le n°1 (en rose sur le plan)nos amis sont des personnes de notre age, attachés au confort et a la beauté des lieuxNous leur avons fait des eloges sur le qualité de votre accueil et nous sommes tous tres enthousiastes à l'idée de revenir a Venise J'espere que je ne fais pas d'erreur sur la date du REDENTORE 2007: j'ai calculé que la fete aura lieu le samedi 14/07/ et le dimanche 15/07.Nous resterons quelques jours dans la semaine . nous avons un peu regretté de ne pas etre resté jusqu'au mercredi cette année merci encore a bientot, pour votre réponse BORDEAUX FRANCE 
Name : Berwyn and Danny 
Comment : Dear Gianni, Thank you so much for your kindness and for looking after us during our stay in Venice. Please keep in touch and let us know if you're ever coming to this side of the world. Best wishes  
Name : Sally Aindow 
Comment : Gianni e Daniela I would like to thank you for our wonderful few days in Venice. The apartment had everything we needed and the location was perfect for our first visit to your beautiful city. We shall certainly be recommending it to all our friends. We hope to come again in the future. Grazie.  
Name : Stewart Skel 
Comment : Dear Gianni Louise and I would like to thank you very much for a very enjoyable stay in Venice on 5-8 May. We were lucky to have excellent weather, but fortunate also to have found such a comfortable and convenient apartment. We very much hope to come and stay with you again one day, and will certainly recommend you to our friends. Thank you also for helping us sort out our airline booking. Best regards  
Name : Janice and Malcolm 
Comment : Hello Gianni and Daniela! I hope you are both well and happy – and I hope that Daniela’s back is better now. We had such a lovely time in Venice this year that we would like to come back next year – and I promise, Gianni, that I will not leave the keys in the door and lock us out again!! Is it possible to book the apartment we had this year for April 2007, please? The dates would be the 24th of March to the 31st of March. Or is it possible to book midweek dates – maybe the 21st of March to the 28th of March? If not, the weekend dates would be fine. Warm wishes to you both  
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